Academic Program

A well balanced combination of the Play Way method and the Montessori method is followed at NHVM which provides a scientific and carefully planned learning environment. This encourages the child to develop and express his/her unique abilities. Concepts are taught and reinforced using techniques like clay modelling, role plays, puppet theatre, Color Day, Market Day and other celebrations. Frequent Field trips are conducted to enhance the child’s world of knowledge.

To augment existing teaching methods, NHVM sports a state of the art theatre which is used extensively for teaching purposes. Play is an important and integral part of a child’s growth, it contributes to his social, emotional and physical development as well as aids in his/ her cognitive, language and special skills. To aid this development, we have designed specific child friendly play & activity areas keeping in mind the child’s safety and interests !

Infusion of World Renowned Montessori Method

The Montessori Method emphasizes on giving freedom to the child in its learning process. Here, the early years of childhood development are devoid of strenuous intellectual activity and spontaneous enthusiasm with excitement on acquiring knowledge is encouraged. As the stress is on exploring and experimenting, the child’s mind is trained to adopt self corrective measures. This in turn, leads to the development of mental discipline.

A fruitful fusion of discipline and freedom finally leads to spontaneous constructive activity, thus empowering the child & aiding in the development of a high I.Q New Horizon Vidya Mandir follows an activity based curriculum to develop the young minds. The Montessori Method complements the theme based and activity based learning exercises conducted both inside and outside the classroom. A balanced combination of the Play Way method and the Montessori method followed at the pre primary level provides a carefully planned learning environment that encourages the child to develop unique abilities.

Curriculum Taught

Our academic programme Classes: Playgroup, Nursery, LKG, UKG

  • – English
  • – Maths
  • – E.V.S (Environmental Science)
  • – Hindi/Kannada(LKG, UKG)
  • – Music

  • – General Knowledge
  • – Physical Education
  • – Dance / Drama
  • – Value Education
  • – Art / Craft


The faculty consists of well qualified, trained and experienced teachers, who have the right attitude and value system. They also make learning a happy and memorable experience.


Teaching Staffs


Non-Teaching Staffs


Menial Staff


Security & Maintenance


As parents, you need to be aware and involved in your child’s growth and development. To facilitate this and to improve co-ordination between parents & teachers, we at New Horizon Vidya Mandir follow a practice of meeting and interacting with the parents on a regular basis to discuss the child’s progress. In addition to this, we hold formal parent meetings half yearly, where the teachers meet the parents with their children.


Best Montessori Schools in Bangalore


Best Montessori Schools in Bangalore


Best Montessori Schools in Bangalore


Best Montessori Schools in Bangalore


“The future of the world is in my classroom today”. This is what all the educators at NHVM believe about each and every child in our school.Every teacher is well qualified, trained and experienced andstrives to give all the children the opportunity as well as the support to explore all their talents and abilities. The campus is solely managed by female staff(100%).

Parent Teacher Meet (PTM)

To ensure that parents and teachers can work together, teachers share details of both areas of strength as well as areas of development with parents.Formal quarterly PT Meets are held throughout the academic year to discuss on the child’s progress.


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