Montessori Education

The NHVM uses the Montessori Early Childhood Education which reinforces learning through games and play. A variety of well-designed focused Montessori education activities allow the child to experiment and learn through constant engagement with certified and well- experienced trainers and mentors. Montessori based education enables your child to develop and imbibe a strong vocabulary, communicative skills through team-spirit building activities, mathematical abilities through experimentative and innovative play-based engagement, social, motor, sensory and cognitive skills and the intrinsic values of the Bhagavad Gita.

Montessori early childhood education at the New Horizon Vidya Mandir is best suited for your almost two-year-old and caters to complete pre-primary education through its playgroups, nursery, LKG and UKG sections. An almost full-time dedicated day-care center open till 7.30PM is a huge plus to keep the child safe and engaged in Montessori based education at the NHVM which ensures safe environs, super infrastructural facilities, and constant monitoring through CCTV and well-experienced certified mentors and teachers.

Montessori early childhood education is the most preferred pre-primary schooling teaching almost 2-year olds without any stress. It allows them to develop Montessori based education enriched values, team-spirit, discipline, self-correction, self-reliance, and learning through curiosity and innovation. Safety is a prime concern in transporting your child through GPS tracked buses with friendly verified drivers and female-attendants. Super infrastructure, safe environment, and innovative learning opportunities make NHVM figure among the top in Bangalore for early learning.

NHVM uses Montessori based education in their fully-equipped infrastructure which includes an amphitheater; AV, CCA, music and medical rooms to facilitate Montessori education activities, learning materials and explorative learning methods to develop your child’s potential and ensures a confident entry into the formal education system. Admissions are open the whole year for Montessori early childhood education in the day-care and fun learning experience.

Your child is the best and deserves the best fun-and–play option to pre-schooling at NHVM!


Teaching Methodologies

The development of cognitive and social skills
An amalgamation of the Montessori and the Play Way method
Montessori Early Childhood Education
The development of rich spoken vocabulary and communicative skills.
The development of sensory perception through the use of learning materials.
Montessori Preschool

Our academic programme

Infusion of world renowned Montessori method

The Montessori Method emphasizes on giving freedom to the child in its learning process. Here, the early years of childhood development are devoid of strenuous intellectual activity and spontaneous enthusiasm with excitement on acquiring knowledge is encouraged.

Interaction With Parents

As parents, you need to be aware and involved in your child’s growth and development. To facilitate this and to improve co-ordination between parents & teachers, we at New Horizon Vidya Mandir follow a practice of meeting and interacting with the parents on a regular basis to discuss the child’s progress. In addition to this, we hold formal parent meetings half yearly, where the teachers meet the parents with their children.


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