The Digital Deviation – how to stop your child from becoming a mobile phone addict

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Work, entertainment, communication, leisure, friendship, and hunger are all limited to our gadgets nowadays. As we rapidly transform into a digitally powered world the usage of phones becomes inevitable. Although, from loss of life to addiction the effects of mobile phones have a vast scope. Ironically these days, our lives seem to revolve around it. […]

Importance of a Day Care at a Pre-School

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Parenting is a tough job, to say the least. A person’s entire existence changes from the moment a child is part of their life. A new/first time parent is constantly adapting to the child’s schedule, dealing with exhaustion/sleep deprivation, working towards providing, while constantly worrying about the child’s safety among a host of other issues. […]

Teaching-Learning Methodologies in Pre School

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How do you make a 3-year-old understand different kinds of fruits and their importance? At New Horizon Vidya Mandir (NHVM), the best preschool in Bangalore, we hosted an event – Fruit Mela where our little humans would dress up as fruit vendors. The little young vendors are supposed to communicate effectively and sell their fruit […]

Parents Involvement in Development – Preschool Years

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Majority of the knowledge we gain, the way we see the world, our personality is a direct derivation of our parents. One of the joys of being a parent is to be able to raise a good human being. Guiding a child, finding the best preschool in Bangalore and eventually the best school for them; where they are able to […]

5 Factors You Must Consider While Choosing a Pre School for your Child

One of the most difficult stages for a parent is when they have to choose the perfect preschool or school for their child.   Every parent wants to give their child a quality education, from the early stages. Preschool, also known as playschool/preprimary/kindergarten, is the educational facility that toddlers (admission starts from 1 year 10 months) attend before they start […]