Admission Open

For Playgroup, Nursery, LKG and UKG

For Academic Year 2021-2022

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    preschool admission process

    Admission Process

    Playgroup: Children who have completed 2 years of age on the 1st of June of the joining Year are eligible.
    Nursery: Children who have completed 3 years of age on the 1st of June of the joining Year are eligible.

    For all other classes, the corresponding age is taken into account for admission.

    preschool admission process
    • Admission open for PLAYGROUP, NURSERY LKG AND UKG for the academic year 2021 – 2022 from 5th October onwards
    • .Filled in registration forms to be submitted at New Horizon VidyaMandir or submitted online to the following email ID:
    • The timings are:- 9.00 am to 3.30 pm
    • Latest passport size photograph of the student
    • Copy of the Birth Certificate. (To be submitted at the time of registration)
    • Aadhar copy of the child
    • Nursery, LKG and UKG – 8:45 am to 1:00 pm, Monday to Friday
    • Play Group – 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, Monday to Friday

    Timings: 1:15 pm to 6:30 pm / 7:30 pm Monday to Friday only.
    (Day care is closed on all public holidays)

    New Horizon Vidya Mandir (NHVM) was established in 2012 by the New Horizon Educational Institutions (NHEI). NHVM is a pre-primary school and day-care set up to provide your child with a strong value-based foundation for their education. 

    NHVM is the best pre-school in Bangalore/best preprimary school in Bellandur, Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore that teaches children gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving, early mathematical concepts, pre-writing skills, listening skills, and much more. NHVM is among the very few pre primary schools in Bangalore that caters specifically to this age group (1 year 10 months onwards).

    In preschool, also known as kindergarten, the child takes admission in Nursery, he/she is then promoted to LKG (Lower Kindergarten) and then UKG (Upper Kindergarten). By the time a student graduate’ from pre-school they have a fair idea about parts of the body, basics of reading, writing, Numerics, they learn social manners, basic responsibilities they have in the society along with values and social interaction.

    Nursery schools in Bangalore are essential for the physical, emotional and social development of the child. They also help students seamlessly transform from home to school. The top LKG schools in Bangalore use engaging and creative LKG worksheets to help the student practice English, art, and Numerics.  Meanwhile in UKG, the syllabus revolves around English, mathematics, environmental science and general awareness. Creative methods such as flash cards, building blocks, painting and role plays are used to teach the child. 

    The NHVM faculty and facilities for these toddlers is ever-evolving to encourage their curiosity and foster their developing minds. Our extracurricular activities involve parents, members of the family and teaching the young leaders about their surroundings.

    Learning never stops, which is why NHVM made Virtual learning available for all the students, throughout the pandemic. We understand the need for psycho – motor skills in toddlers. We also recognize the common struggle among parents to invent new games and teaching methods that activate certain parts of the child’s brain leading to development. NHVM assists parents and builds a strong foundation for each child’s bright future.  


    Core Beliefs of NHVM are: 

    Each child is unique.  Children are strong and capable.  All Children have potential, curiosity and interest in expanding their learning.  Children, teachers and parents are considered as an integral part of the education process. Children make their thinking visible through many different materials and activities which help them to discover and communicate what they know, understand, feel and imagine.  Play helps to develop discipline, language, cognition and social competence. 

    New parents, looking for the perfect playschool or nursery for their young ones often ask:  Which preschool is famous in Bangalore? Which is no 1 school in Bangalore? Which type of preschool is best? To find answers to all your questions click onto the NHVM website. 


    Apart from instilling strong values and skills among students in preschool, we at NHVM have the best day care in Bangalore that provides security and safety along with a homely. At the NHVM daycare, children learn to bond, socialize, read stories, play games and finish homework. Click here to check out the daycare center facilities, best day care center in Bangalore fees and daycare timings. 

    Play group activities for preschoolers in the preschool age group (3-5) helps in instilling confidence, providing communication skills, creativity skills and critical thinking. We assure you NHVM has the best routine and syllabus for playgroup in Bellandur, Bangalore with affordable preschool fees, for your child. 


    NHVM – the best preschool in Bellandur, Bangalore takes care of young minds, letting them explore and discover the world around them.  NHVM is among the top 10 best preschools in Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore which is why you must pick up the primary school admission form of NHVM and let your child begin their journey towards life. 

    To learn more about the preschool registration in Karnataka or preschool registration process.

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