How to retain curiosity in your child? 

Child Curiosity

 Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning. – William Arthur Ward  The evolving times and the ocean of knowledge and exposure it brings along, pose immense challenges to new parents. With an information excess available to the young child, a great sense of curiosity is triggered. If this curiosity is not encouraged and […]

The Thrilling Story of Rakta Beej

The fiercest and most destructive manifestation of Shakti is thought to be Goddess Kali. She had four arms, a dark skin, and crimson eyes. She has a sword (khadaga) in one hand and a demon’s head that has been severed off in the other. The other two hands are holding up a benediction for Her […]

5 effective ways to deal with your children lying

New Horizon Vidya Mandir

Lying is not uncommon amongst small children. In fact, I think we can agree that it is more frequent in adults! Children lie for a variety of reasons; to gain attention, to make their stories sound more interesting, to get a particular reaction from adults or even to cover up a mistake. Generally, children after […]

Questions for your Toddlers!

New Horizon Vidya Mandir

NHVM to the rescue of every parent that’s been scratching their head when the little ones bombard you with questions! Today the tables are turned. We’re going to give you and your child a well-deserved break from the screen and allow you to join in banter. But this banter will be entertaining because it includes […]

6 Effective Ways to Discipline Children, preschools in Bangalore

Top Kindergarten Schools in Bangalore

Discipline can be taken as a negative word, but we must move past the pseudo definition to understand what it truly means. Disciplining your child is simply working on their manners, obeying rules, teaching them how to respect every individual equally and most importantly guiding them to understand what is right from wrong. Disciplining does […]

Authoritative vs Authoritarian Parenting

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When your child refuses to drink milk what do you do? Do you order them to drink it and not move unless they do or do you ask if they would want to choose their own cup for the milk? When your child refuses to eat, do you command them to finish what is on […]

The Digital Deviation – how to stop your child from becoming a mobile phone addict

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Work, entertainment, communication, leisure, friendship, and hunger are all limited to our gadgets nowadays. As we rapidly transform into a digitally powered world the usage of phones becomes inevitable. Although, from loss of life to addiction the effects of mobile phones have a vast scope. Ironically these days, our lives seem to revolve around it. […]

Importance of a Day Care at a Pre-School

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Parenting is a tough job, to say the least. A person’s entire existence changes from the moment a child is part of their life. A new/first time parent is constantly adapting to the child’s schedule, dealing with exhaustion/sleep deprivation, working towards providing, while constantly worrying about the child’s safety among a host of other issues. […]

Teaching-Learning Methodologies in Pre School

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How do you make a 3-year-old understand different kinds of fruits and their importance? At New Horizon Vidya Mandir (NHVM), the best preschool in Bangalore, we hosted an event – Fruit Mela where our little humans would dress up as fruit vendors. The little young vendors are supposed to communicate effectively and sell their fruit […]

Parents Involvement in Development – Preschool Years

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Majority of the knowledge we gain, the way we see the world, our personality is a direct derivation of our parents. One of the joys of being a parent is to be able to raise a good human being. Guiding a child, finding the best preschool in Bangalore and eventually the best school for them; where they are able to […]