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    In sync with the changing demands from young parents for a premier institute that will provide a strong foundation with value based education, for their children in kindergarten, New Horizon Vidya Mandir was established in 2012. The entire campus of New Horizon Vidya Mandir is designed to meet and fulfil the needs of young children in the kindergarten age group…

    Our Motto

    A step further in learning; a step closer to success.


    To develop each child as an individual with enriching values based on the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita.


    To enable our children to become self reliant and well equipped for the next step in their education.

    Programs Offered & Teaching Methodology - The Key Differentiator

    List of Kindergarten Schools in Bangalore

    An amalgamation of the Montessori and the Play-Way method

    Academic Programs offered


    List of Kindergarten Schools in Bangalore
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    List of Kindergarten Schools in Bangalore
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    The development of sensory perception through the use of learning materials

    Bangalore Kindergarten Schools

    The development of rich spoken vocabulary and communicative skills

    Development of cognitive and social skills

    New Horizon Daycare | Montessori Method Preschool
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    State of the Art School Infrastructure In Bangalore

    Best School in Marathahalli


    Large, spacious and well lit classrooms with colorful play areas attached. Also provides proper ventilation and natural light.



    Our Rangabhoomi is a beautifully designed open air theatre where our tiny tots can display their hidden talents in a variety of shows.

    Best Pre Primary School In Bangalore

    CCA Room

    A spacious CCA room that is aptly designed based on our Indian culture, inspiring our little performers to compete in various co-curricular activities.

    Life Beyond Academics @ New Horizon Vidya Mandir

    Best Preschool in Bangalore


    The eternal bond between parent and child is something that is treasured by all of us and to commemorate this, we host our annual parent child show...

    Fruit Mela

    Fruitalicious – the annual fruit mela is presented by the nursery grade every year and is an event that all the children look forward to as they get to have fun while learning about various fruits and their uses.

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    During this challenging year of the pandemic, the learning environment has moved into the virtual world.

    Schools Near Me for Nursery Admission

    Sports Day

    One of the main events that is held annually is our Sports day. This is the perfect platform for young athletes...

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    New Horizon Vidya Mandir (NHVM) was established in 2012 by the New Horizon Educational Institutions (NHEI). NHVM is a pre-primary school and day-care set up to provide your child with a strong value-based foundation for their education. 

    NHVM is the best pre-school in Bangalore/best preprimary school in Bellandur, Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore that teaches children gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving, early mathematical concepts, pre-writing skills, listening skills, and much more. NHVM is among the very few pre primary schools in Bangalore that caters specifically to this age group (1 year 10 months onwards).

    In preschool, also known as kindergarten, the child takes admission in Nursery, he/she is then promoted to LKG (Lower Kindergarten) and then UKG (Upper Kindergarten). By the time a student graduate’ from pre-school they have a fair idea about parts of the body, basics of reading, writing, Numerics, they learn social manners, basic responsibilities they have in the society along with values and social interaction.

    Nursery schools in Bangalore are essential for the physical, emotional and social development of the child. They also help students seamlessly transform from home to school. The top LKG schools in Bangalore use engaging and creative LKG worksheets to help the student practice English, art, and Numerics.  Meanwhile in UKG, the syllabus revolves around English, mathematics, environmental science and general awareness. Creative methods such as flash cards, building blocks, painting and role plays are used to teach the child. 

    The NHVM faculty and facilities for these toddlers is ever-evolving to encourage their curiosity and foster their developing minds. Our extracurricular activities involve parents, members of the family and teaching the young leaders about their surroundings.


    Learning never stops, which is why NHVM made Virtual learning available for all the students, throughout the pandemic. We understand the need for psycho – motor skills in toddlers. We also recognize the common struggle among parents to invent new games and teaching methods that activate certain parts of the child’s brain leading to development. NHVM assists parents and builds a strong foundation for each child’s bright future.  


    Core Beliefs of NHVM are: 

    Each child is unique.  Children are strong and capable.  All Children have potential, curiosity and interest in expanding their learning.  Children, teachers and parents are considered as an integral part of the education process. Children make their thinking visible through many different materials and activities which help them to discover and communicate what they know, understand, feel and imagine.  Play helps to develop discipline, language, cognition and social competence. 

    New parents, looking for the perfect playschool or nursery for their young ones often ask:  Which preschool is famous in Bangalore? Which is no 1 school in Bangalore? Which type of preschool is best? To find answers to all your questions click onto the NHVM website. 


    Apart from instilling strong values and skills among students in preschool, we at NHVM have the best day care in Bangalore that provides security and safety along with a homely. At the NHVM daycare, children learn to bond, socialize, read stories, play games and finish homework. Click here to check out the daycare center facilities, best day care center in Bangalore fees and daycare timings. 

    Play group activities for preschoolers in the preschool age group (3-5) helps in instilling confidence, providing communication skills, creativity skills and critical thinking. We assure you NHVM has the best routine and syllabus for playgroup in Bellandur, Bangalore with affordable preschool fees, for your child. 


    NHVM – the best preschool in Bellandur, Bangalore takes care of young minds, letting them explore and discover the world around them.  NHVM is among the top 10 best preschools in Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore which is why you must pick up the primary school admission form of NHVM and let your child begin their journey towards life. 

    To learn more about the preschool registration in Karnataka or preschool registration process.

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    Thank you for the opportunity to share our views and happiness with you as part of the parent speak for the academic year 2019-2020.Both my kids have been students of NHVM – Advaith was part of the first batch of students when the school moved to the new campus. Seeing the grooming of Advaith and the stable, composed kid that he is growing up to be, we enrolled Akshadha in NHVM for her LKG session in 2018. Time flew past like a whiff. It is about time Akshadha is graduating from NHVM to being a student of NHG this coming year. We saw the transition of Akshadha from being an introvert with strangers persona to a much more assertive and confident personality now. All credits to the friendly, encouraging and supportive teachers of the school. The day starts on a positive excitement as to “what I am going to know new today”. Feel so proud to see her trying to show interest in mythological stories and being grounded to values inherent of our Indian culture. Environmental awareness about not using plastics and eating healthy has been etched in her mind so strongly which I am sure she will carry on in her life. I would like to credit NHVM for bringing about a change in us through the values taught and practiced among the students. Thank you for all the energy and efforts you spent on my children who are growing up to be responsible human beings!

    Advaith and Akshadha’s Parents
    I still remember that day when we had come for a campus tour and we were totally impressed with the colourful paintings , big bright classrooms, clean toilets , beautiful play area, Dance room, Music room, CCTVs and Lord Vigneshwara at the entrance which created a sense of satisfaction that we were sending our daughter to the right place. The Principal, teachers, caretakers aunty’s were very friendly and lovable that we felt our daughter will definitely feel comfortable to make her beginning at this school. Daily morning Slokhas and Bhajans are the best part of this school because these mark the day beginning with positive note. It also gives our children with an opportunity worship our values and traditions. CCA competitions in almost every Genre was something we liked as we got to see kids identify their strengths themselves.It has also taught my daughter to handle both victory and loss the same way & that participation matters a lot. These competitions have trained my daughter to face the audience with amazing confidence.We have never faced any issues with the transport and have had a good experience always. Bandhan celebrations and Grandparents Day celebrations were highlights of this school and we had a memorable time with our little one and we will cherish this forever. Sports day March past was like a parade in New Delhi and it was near to perfection. To make the kids walk in sync to the drum beats was remarkable and we definitely appreciate the tremendous efforts teachers and the management have taken. Annual day celebrations were like a TV show. It was really grand and the exposure our daughter has got is remarkable. Festival celebrations were something our daughter thoroughly enjoyed and she used to be thrilled to wear colour dress on that particular day. But the first and foremost purpose of a school is imparting knowledge and educating the children in terms of academics were beyond excellence. We can’t thank the school enough and we are absolutely happy about this decision of New horizon for our daughter and awaiting yet another chapter with New Horizon for our second little one who is 1 year old now.

    Samhita’s Parents
    UKG C

    Our daughter Veda started her journey in New Horizon Vidya Mandir in the year 2019 in LKG. Though she has spent just 2 years, she is very much attached with the School campus, teachers and the support staff. When we said that she is moving to the New Horizon Gurukul campus starting next year for Std 1 onward, the first thing she said is “Ohhh.. I will miss New Horizon Vidya Mandir especially Vindya ma’am, Anu ma’am and the aquarium”. We think Vidya Mandir is one of the most complete campuses for primary education, providing well balanced curriculum covering not just academics but also a balance of music, dance and values. Needless to mention, both the administration staff and the teachers did a terrific job in handling online classes during pandemic ensuring right foundation for kids despite lack of personal interaction. Kudos to everyone, especially UKG I teachers Anu Ma’am and Vindya Ma’am, my kid just loves them both :)”

    Veda’s Parents
    UKG I

    Dear NHVM Team, 

    As we sat down to write this note, as parents our minds travelled back into the first campus tour of the school we had almost 3.5 years back from now. Aaryan was into the colors and vibrancy of NHVM school campus right from there. From then on it was a pleasure for us to be associated with ‘Team NHVM’. Like all parents we went through a nervous search for Aaryan to take his first step into schooling. But the NHVM campus, and later the interactions with the Principal, Teachers and the school staff settled our nerves quickly and brought a great sense of assurance that Aaryan is stepping into the right school environment with a fantastic team to back him and us. And the three years from there – starting from first year was a fantastic journey of learning and exploring for Aaryan and along with that for us too. Teachers were all just brilliant and great minds at handling the younger minds. The focus the school management has in bringing together NHVM students and families multiple times in a year with co-curricular activities is just brilliant and it provides a great eco-system for the parents’ community to get to know each other and interact. Aaryan enjoyed his time through his school annual days – what grand events those were. Full of fun, frolic and energy. He enjoyed both the run ups to the event as well as the day and his times on the stage as well. It was great to see him very proudly inviting his friends and their families to join us on the annual day events. Another stand out event for us as parents is Aaryan getting multiple opportunities to take his grand parents to school – on Grand Parents days. What a way to keep the family together. Kudos to the Team NHVM for being so very focused on curricular and co curricular activities and keeping the NHVM family engaged and connected through out. Hats off to all your efforts – and we see it being ably led by the Principal at the helm of affairs and at back stage as needed, all the time. Thank you for making memories for Aaryan and us, to keep with us for the rest of our lives. How can we end this note with out talking about the year 2020 and how it has been for the world and for all of us. Heartfelt appreciation for Team NHVM for reacting quickly to the need of the times, going virtual being innovative and fun and for keeping the teachers, and the school together with Aaryan and other students. You proved that the feeling of being in school is beyond the brick and mortar building. It’s the feeling of togetherness the team NHVM quickly planted over to the virtual world. Great Appreciation and Respect to all the Teachers of Aaryan and of the school – it’s not easy to move schooling to a virtual environment and run it like you all did for an entire Academic year. Proves a point on how cohesively Team NHVM goes about day in and day out. Thank you for taking care of Aaryan and his friends and importantly their Parents as well! Though we are happy that Aaryan is graduating to Primary school, we will miss NHVM, the school and the team. Thank You!

    Aryan’s Parents
    UKG E

    It was in 2019 when we had decided to have Agastya join New Horizon Vidya Madir in LKG. Like all others we had some fears and questions in mind that were eventually put to rest as we saw our child getting comfortable and confident over time. The safe and beautiful infrastructure, facilities, teachers and staff made him feel welcome and loved. I strongly feel what helps to build a child’s potential is the feeling that his abilities are being recognized and encouraged. The past year in UKG J was incredible. Given the pandemic and uncertainty around online education, there were no stones unturned to make it a great and fulfilling learning experience. There were innumerable opportunities for the kids that include activities to build confidence and communication skills apart from the regular syllabus. Special mention to the class teachers of UKG J – Sukanya and Sharmila ma’am who were always approachable and came up with different ways to keep the kids interested. Having the kids lead sessions all by themselves, virtual field trips and Q&A were all organized very well . NHVM is truly a perfect blend of values and education that imbibes a strong foundation for our kids for a bright future.

    Agastya’s Parents
    UKG J
    It has been a wonderful journey since we enrolled our twins (Reyansh and Saanvi) in New Horizon Vidya Mandir and we are fortunate to be a part of this family. All the teachers and staff are very friendly and supportive. I must admit that even during this global pandemic, the UKG teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure the kids continue to learn-be it academics, dancing, singing, field activities, crafts and so and so forth, all this while still having fun. Kudos to the engaging interactions from the teachers. There must have been various challenges while switching from offline to online mode of teaching, but hats off to the adaptability, positivity and enthusiasm of the teachers, the transition was pretty seamless. Theses 2 years have definitely set a solid foundation for all the kids and will help them in conquering greater heights in the next phase of learning in New Horizon Gurukul.

    Reyansh and Sanvi Dhekial Phukan’s Parents
    UKG C
    Aryan joined as a Nursery kid in new horizon Vidya Mandir in 2018. And the journey so far was a wonderful one. We liked the infrastructure and the way of teaching in NHVM. We are very happy with his progress. His studies are improving every year. This year 2020- 21 has been completely different with the Corona pandemic around. Aryan could still enjoy his UKG classes online. This happened only because of the dedication and hard work of teachers. Happy to see the individual attention they give to each child during the online class as well. We are really thankful to teachers for motivating his artistic skills and it really mean a lot to him. We would like to express our gratitude to all teachers, staff and management of NHVM for taking care of such small kids. We will definitely miss vidya mandir and wish all the very best to NHVM.

    Aryan Sreejesh’s Parents
    UKG I
    It has been a wonderful and unforgettable journey with New Horizon Vidya Mandir for us. When Nihaal first stepped into Nursery there were mixed emotions for us and it feels like just yesterday. It was hard for him to adjust to the school initially but the patience and support from teachers and principal mam is amazing. The school ambience and environment is very positive, specially themed classrooms representing mythology brings in a pleasant atmosphere. We are very happy with the way the school celebrates each festival and involvement of each child in the celebrations. Nihaal has learnt the importance of festivals and traditions. Annual Day / Sport Day celebrations / Grand parents day of NHVM are very impressive and the themes behind Annual celebrations are really out of the box. The events like CCA Competitions / every day Prayers/ Bhajans / Dance / Speeches gives so much confidence to the kids. Thanks to the teachers for being extremely patient. During the current pandemic, the way teachers are handling the online classes are highly appreciable. Special thanks to Thushara Ma’am, Chaitra Ma’am, Supriya Ma’am, Revathi Ma’am, Sudha Ma’am and Ritu Ma’am for their hard work/efforts in explaining concepts very innovatively. We could see a clear transformation in our child from Nursery to UKG, he became very confident and independent. We are very happy that our kid is part of NHVM and we also recommend the school to our friends and family.”

    Nihaal’s Parents
    UKG A
    Dear Teachers,
    Let us start by thanking the teachers and management for giving us the opportunity to express our thoughts about our child’s journey with New Horizon Vidya Mandir. Our daughter Megha has been a part of the NHVM family from her nursery to UKG grade (academic years 2018-2021). Her journey with NHVM has been very encouraging wherein at each step, the teachers served a critical role in nurturing her talents & skills and boosting her confidence to a whole new level. This journey with the NHVM family has opened the doors to the world of Knowledge, Culture and Values for our daughter. We are especially grateful to her UKG Teachers for taking extra care in mentoring her in spite of their limited access through the virtual online classes (conducted during the Covid pandemic). NHVM has ensured the involvement of the entire family of the students throughout the kid’s journey by organizing family events like Bandhan, Grandparents Day, Parents Craft Exhibition, Parents performance on Annual Day etc. At this point, when she is preparing herself to step into the next phase of her academic journey, we are extremely delighted to continue being a part of the New Horizon family. We would also like to express our heartfelt Gratitude for all the teachers of NHVM for extending their support and guidance in the overall development of the students.

    Megha Venkateswaran’s Parents
    UKG D
    When I relocated from Mumbai to Bangalore in 2019, I was worried a lot about my kids schooling. I was not aware about the various options available for pre-school in and around Kadubeesanahalli, where my office is located. I was looking for a pre-school which would take good care of the overall development of my children. I was told about New Horizon Vidya Mandir by one of my close friends whose son was studying in this school. We took his opinion but did not stop looking for other options. We went to many schools before going to NHVM. The first impression we had at NHVM was awesome. My son and daughter felt very comfortable looking at the brightly lit classrooms, dance and music classrooms and the Big Lord Ganesha idol at the entrance. We liked the school campus and were very much impressed by the inviting nature of the teachers and school staff. We made the decision to get both my son (UKG) and daughter (Nursery) admitted to NHVM. At that point, we never imagined what was in store for the future. And now when I look back, I feel glad that we took the correct decision for our kids. The session of 2020 started with the Corona pandemic and we were not sure how the kids will learn in the online environment. The teachers were very experienced and were able to conduct the online classes with ease. They were able to engage with the students and interact with them comfortably. I could see my kids waiting for the virtual field trips which they enjoyed a lot. Both my kids made very good progress. They also started participating in the co-curricular activities which helped them to build their confidence. I never knew that my son was so expressive and was good in reciting poems and my daughter liked to sing and dance. Thank you NHVM for giving the platform for the overall development of the kids, which is very much required at the pre-primary stage of their lives.

    Ayushmaan Chakraborty’s Parents
    UKG I
    As is rightly said Schools are a Second home for Kids. New Horizon Vidya Mandir has played a vital role in the all round development of Kunj. Our experience with NHVM is beyond words and notes. During Kunj’s journey with NHVM, we have experienced that all round development of kids is the goal of Teachers and Principal Ma’am. NHVM’s infrastructure, Eco system and value system enabled Kunj to get involved in Educational and Co-curricular activities both. Teachers and the Principal keep motivating Kids continuously which inspired him in study and encouraged him to participate in CCA Activities. Different CCA competitions, Value based Education, Festivals and Cultural Celebrations helped Kids in learning various life aspects. Kunj was away from school for couple of Months in LKG when we were in the US, however, the teachers and Principal Ma’am made all efforts and regular remote follow ups and also made sure that he got adjusted to the School system when he returned. Teachers have made excellent efforts and adopted to the changing environment during Pandemic time and made sure that Kunj and every child in class remained eager to attend Virtual Classes. We are especially thankful to the Teachers and Principal Ma’am for giving opportunities and encouragement to Kunj which enabled him to make excellent progress in learning Keyboard and playing Music and Songs at various occasions and celebrations. At last we would like to thank Teachers and the Principal for their outstanding efforts which enabled continuous development of Kunj in both Educational and Co-Curricular activities during these years at NHVM.

    Kunj Bhavik Zala’s Parents
    UKG G
    There was fear in her Eyes, And my heart filled with mixed feelings, coz of her cries let her be well taken care, was only my prayer. All my questions cleared, As her sparkling eyes cheered, And said Ah! it’s morning again As I will go to School, with new knowledge to gain. 3 years was such a homely feeling for us. The school has sowed the seeds of Love, knowledge, Culture and best of all values through Shlokas. We are so happy that the whole family is bonded with the School in one or the other way, like Parents craft exhibition, Bandhan, Grand Parents Day. Every festival celebrations in the school deeply root our culture in the kids. It is very well said that happiness cannot be expressed but can be experienced and we are fortunate enough to experience this. We thank the school for all the gains my kid has got, a Principal who is so energetic and caring, all the teachers who made the classroom a home and showed love, care and encouraged my daughter throughout her journey at NHVM. Great !to be part of NHVM.

    Akshara Arjun’s Parents
    UKG I
    Our experience with VidyaMandir goes beyond words. The inviting infrastructure, particularly tuned to the toddler is the best thing to start with.We, as parents liked and loved their curriculum and the varied co-curricular activities provides a platform for each child to exhibit their potential and build confidence in their abilities.The overall grooming of the child is exemplary here. The school has very highly qualified and trained teachers who not only teach but take utmost care of child.The principal is the right mix of administration and motherly care needed to run such an administration. They have fabulous support staff who take care of kids’ special needs. One thing which we liked is the reachability of the teachers. The beauty is, it is ingrained in the process as they have a fixed timing everyday at which parents can call and talk freely about their issues and concerns. The best part about the school was that the kids were eager to go to school and very happy when they came back. Lastly to sum up, our experience with VidyaMandir was an enthralling one which we will cherish for our life and we would highly recommend to all parents.

    Soham Jha’s Parents
    We are one of the happiest and proud parents with my daughter’s transformation from Nursery to UKG. Like any other child, she did have her bit of challenges with adjusting to school but the support from her teachers has been amazing. They have been very patient with Diya and constantly worked on her to bring out the best. The support continued throughout Nursery, LKG and UKG. The PTM’s have really helped to bring the strength and weakness within our child and at times I was really impressed with the minute observations from her teachers. From an average performing child, she has outgrown herself to be a better performing, confident and independent child. Her class teachers have been her strength and everyday she enjoyed going to school. I must definitely thank Diya’s Nursery to UKG teachers Swetha, Nayana, VijayaLakshmi and Jyostna. Jyostna and Nayana mam has brought out the best from Diya in UKG with their hard work and attention. I can’t thank them enough for their support. They have always been prompt in responding to my diary notes with any feedback/follow-ups. Diya has thoroughly enjoyed their company in school and she is already missing them. One last mention is about the circulars and newsletters posted in NHVM website. The parents are well informed about the events in advance that really gives enough time for kids to be able to prepare and especially for working parents like us. Once again, thanks for all the good times that Diya had at NHVM and for your support.

    Diya Rallapalli’s Parents
    UKG J
    As Vihaan is moving to 1st grade after completing his pre-school from New Horizon VidyaMandir, we are glad to say that our pre school experience was wonderful here. From day 1 we could feel the enthusiasm and positiveness in the school environment. All the teachers and staff are very nice and always helpful and supportive. Every kid is unique and is treated so in the school. Every kid is given attention. The Bandhan program was a perfect platform to strengthen the parent child bond. It was a great experience to share the stage with my son. The management for annual day and sports day was too good. All the kids got a chance to showcase their talents. All the teachers took a lot of effort for preparation. They made the sports day and annual day perfect. Both the events were very well organised. We would also want to mention specially about his class teachers Ms.Sudha ma’am and Ms. Mona ma’am who were always encouraging and supportive to Vihaan. He loves his school and teachers. We would like to thank the school for all their efforts to make the preschool memorable for our son Vihaan.

    Vihaan Mastud’s Parents
    My daughter’s journey from Nursery to UKG @NHVM was one of the most memorable since her birth. With continuous hard work of teachers and the Principal, Namasvi has made significant progress in her learning journey. NHVM’s curriculum provides overall child development, exposing children to different activities and competitions which include singing, dancing, story-telling, and numerous other extra-curricular participations, thereby better preparing them for future ahead. Nostalgia pours in when we talk about their Annual Day function, which is one of the best grand scale events. We thank everyone, from the teachers to the Principal to support staff, for their dedication and making us proud to be part of NHVM community.

    Namasvi Gupta’s Parents
    It was a pleasing experience at Nhvm for us, in terms of academics, infrastructure, experienced teachers, safety, Transport, co curricular activities etc.I am very happy to see my kid maturing each day both personally and academically.Thanks to everyone at Nhvm, especially Principal mam and her teachers.

    Anishka Manivannan’s Parents
    UKG B
    Our journey with New Horizon Vidya Mandir started in June 2015 when our son Rishi Joshi joined Nursery here as his first step in formal schooling. Since then, we have proudly observed Rishi evolve from a shy yet enthusiastic learner to a more confident and curious child and now a sincere and sensible kindergarten graduate. All along this association with NHVM, we have collected cherished and everlasting memories of all the beautiful and colourful occasions that we were a part of — The Bandhan show, Annual day, Sports day, Art and craft exhibition, CCAs, and PTMs. Today, as we prepare for Rishi’s primary education we feel indebted and thankful to the NHVM Principal Ma’am, all the wonderful teachers and all support staff for their untiring support, love, encouragement and contribution to Rishi’s growth and development.Rishi and we are really going to miss all of you at NHVM, our vibrant NHVM campus and our enjoyable kindergarten routine. Values of compassion, discipline and diligence that Rishi’s Alma mater has instilled in him is sure to hold him in good stead in his future. We wish NHVM all the very best and we sincerely hope our paths cross again.

    Rishi’s Parents
    UKG I
    We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to all the teachers, staff and management and the Principal Maam of New Horizon VidyaMandir in providing a comfortable and loving environment for the kids to study and learn. My daughter Rijuta will be moving from New Horizon VidyaMandir and will be graduating to Grade I in New Horizon Gurukul. My family will miss the platform and the fun activities which are laid down for kindergarten kids. Both my kids have studied in New Horizon VidyaMandir and the facilities, activities the quality of the teachers and the methodology adopted for teaching such small kids is unmatched. Both my kids have enjoyed coming to school and never wanted to miss a single day. To name a few teachers like Kanchan Maam, Jayanti Maam, Kartika Maam, Anu Maam, Srividya Maam,Priya Maam and Dhanya Maam are some of the best teachers that my kids have been blessed to learn from. My kids still remember all of them. Rijuta has been lucky to get such a nice school and such loving and caring teachers. The best part of the school is the events that the school organizes which involves parents and grandparents. This helps in bringing our family close to each other and strengthens the bond between us. I have been really honoured to have been invited by Principal Maam for 3 years in a row to present classical dance form Kathak in the “Bandhan Event”. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for giving parents also a platform to showcase their talent alongside their kids. Thank you so much Principal Maam and I will surely miss the “Bandhan Event”.Not to forget the Sports Day and Annual Day events organized by the school every year, the amount of hard work, time and energy put in by the teachers and staff is just commendable. It brings tears to my eyes out of joy to see my kids standing boldly on stage or on the running track and participating and performing with confidence. It has been a wonderful journey for Rijuta from Nursery to UKG and she has been nurtured into a confident, smiling and holding on to the values of Indian Society child. We would like to express our thanks once again to the entire school and to Principal Maam for all their efforts and hard work towards the school and the kids in making them a better-learned child.

    Rijuta’s Parents
    UKG I
    It has been a privilege and we feel fortunate to be a part of the NHVM Family. Atmosphere@NHVM: We must mention that NHVM seeds a lot of values and culture in a child’s thinking and we feel proud that our 2 kids started their education at NHVM and they learned so much from here. The school atmosphere and environment is very positive and NHVM offers an open and creative method of learning for its students. The classrooms which are themed on religious stories, nicely present basic learning, behaviour and a natural healthy atmosphere which silently aids so much in a child’s education and overall development. Events@NHVM: I have always been appreciative that NHVM promotes all festivals with lot devotion and involves children in celebration activities. I love to hear from my child that “We celebrated Onam today”, “We celebrated Holi with colors”, “We had Christmas celebration”. The amount of efforts put behind every NHVM event preparation stands apart and all the events are carefully thought out and prepared. The great enthusiasm and Joyful atmosphere during the events is a symbol of the school’s culture. Teachers@NHVM have been key factors in the progress of my children. Small appreciation by teachers to students is so encouraging. All the fun activities in the class are truly useful. Teachers provide timely feedback to parents on the child’s progress and also work on the gaps observed. Their dedication and focus on children’s overall discipline means so much. We must admire their enthusiasm in preparing for events and also paying attention to the child’s needs during such programs. Thank you for an incredible journey!!!

    Yahvi Bhatia’s Parents
    UKG G
    Apeksha has made some wonderful memories in New Horizon VidyaMandir. Be it Annual Day practice, Colours Day celebrations, Sports Day or Grandparents Day, she has enjoyed it all. Thanks to the teachers, Usha mam and Archana mam in LKG, and Michelle mam and Mahua mam in UKG, she always looked forward to school. She has made some good friends here. The school has facilitated overall development of her personality. Stressing on Indian culture and traditions, she has learnt the importance of celebrating various festivals. Her grandparents are very impressed by her knowledge of Shlokas and Bhajans. We enjoyed being a part of Annual Day and Sports Day. Thanks to NHVM for a memorable stint in her early education.

    Apeksha’s Parents
    When we decided to move Bangalore in March 2017, the top priority was Abeer’s school and we were a bit apprehensive if he would adjust to the new school, teachers and overall environment given that we were moving mid-session and from the comfort of our own state where language was not a barrier. We selected New Horizon Vidya Mandir based on a friend’s suggestion and convenience of commutation. Thanks to Jyotsna and Nayana Ma’am, who made Abeer comfortable in a new environment and were very attentive towards his overall development which ensured that he always looked forward to attending school and him not missing a single day in the 2nd session is a testament of his liking of the school & teachers. The school has provided essential comfort and made the entire learning process fun for him. This helped Abeer to improve not just academically but at an overall level which I am sure will make him adaptable, resilient and worldly wise. Today, at the end of session we are so happy that we made the right decision to select NHVM as Abeer’s school and we would also recommend this school to other friends and families.

    Abeer’s Parents
    UKG I
    I always felt and believed that a school is a second home and teachers are second parents to kids and contribute equally in moulding/shaping a child. Our experience with NHVM is as old as NHVM itself and we are fortunate beginners of this excellent institution. Teachers in each class have contributed in making some or the other positive mark on our kids.We were shaky and nervous when we admitted our son,Chirag in 2010 as his was the inaugural Nursery batch. But when we look back we are extremely satisfied and confidently admitted Sukriti, our daughter, in 2013. Now Chirag is in 5th standard and Sukriti is in 2nd Standard, they are doing very well and we all are extremely satisfied with New Horizon.Seeing Chirag, many parents in our apartment and society got interested in NHVM and admitted theirs kids. I would say this is a great testimonial of Impact. If Chirag and Sukriti go anywhere and if anyone praises them for their behavior, knowledge, Indian culture awareness and sincerity it is NHVM who is responsible and we want to thank each and everyone involved. The love and affection of UshaVasudevan (Principal Mam) to care and the sincerity of each and every teacher is commendable. I have never seen Usha Mam tensed and she always carries a smile and fulfils all her responsibilities which has an impact on kids as they learn from this. For us, the school and teachers played key role beyond their duties when we needed it the most. In the case of our kids, it became very evident due to recent events in our life. I would like to take this opportunity to describe our experience. Chirag was suffering from Beta Thalassemia major from birth and needed regular blood transfusion every 3 weeks and by God’s grace we found 100% DNA match in Germany by doing a global search. We decided to go for Bone Marrow Transplant in December 2016. BMT has its own risks. We had gone to meet his teachers and take their blessings for Chirag. In NHVM we went and met Michelle Ma’am and Viji Ma’am as these two teachers made a big impact on Chirag and what followed is a lifetime experience. Michelle Ma’am became a pillar and strong support in our last year’s very important and difficult journey. From day one of the BMT procedure till date, she stood like a rock with Chirag and eventually they became very close friends and share each day with each other. It’s still fresh in my mind that during BMT whenever Chirag used to feel low, Michelle Ma’am used to talk to him and we would see a broad smile on his face even though he was in pain with almost zero energy. This was a great Moral support for us too. It’s hard to find a teacher and human being of this grade and NHVM is playing its role to retain and enhance such quality teachers. They say “गुरु देवो भव:” and I experienced in reality a teacher who acted as a role model and performed duties beyond her role. Special thanks to this exemplary teacher. She hold a special place in our life. Chirag is back to normal life because of all the prayers and blessings that we received at New Horizon and New Horizon Gurukul supported us exceptionally to bring back Chirag to a normal life and schooling. Special thanks to Sheela Mam, InduMam, Akansha Mam and Parul Mam and all present subject teachers. Each and every teacher in NHVM has made a great mark on Chirag and Sukriti and I would like to take opportunity to thanks them: Chirag: Vrinda Mam (Nursery), Mitchelle Mam and Suchi Mam (LKG) and Viji Mam and Sonali Mam (UKG). Sukriti: Dhanya Mam (Nursery), Gurpreet Mam and Kartika Mam (LKG) and Mitchelle Mam and Divya Mam (UKG).

    Chirag and Sukriti’s Parents
    With mixed emotions we are writing this letter; as we are happy that we are moving from pre-primary to primary schooling for Dhimant, at the same time we are going to miss New Horizon VidyaMandir, teachers and all facilities.Firstly, thanks a lot to the principal for all her support to take care of Dhimant’s medical requirements. Initially we were so worried how to take care of Dhimant in school; because of your support, it was seamless and a smooth journey for us these last two years in NHVM. Now, we are confident to take him to NHG. Also, thanks for providing us facility to pick him up early and many thanks to teachers to drop him personally for pickups. Special Thanks to in-house School Nurse for helping us monitor Dhimant’s blood sugar level. Teachers are very supportive, co-operative and helpful to take care of Dhimant with all the instructions we used to send through the dairy.For last two years, there have been a lot of improvements in Dhimant academically as well as in extra-curricular activities. He likes all the competitions held in the school and wanted to participate in all. Thanks to teachers for all your support to provide this strong pre-schooling foundation. Also, academics provided in school is superb and makes him learn things faster. Now, he writes and speaks confidently. Teacher’s innovative teaching techniques have made Dhimant think innovatively and makes him relate his learnings to real world situations and scenarios.Dhimant loves to dance, he never wants to miss his annual day rehearsals. Wow!!! what a show New Horizon VidyaMandir put up for Annual day. It was really a stunning awesome show. We are really going to miss NHVM annual day events. Thanks a lot teachers for all your suggestions and feedback which helped us to make sure Dhimant is attentive in the class and follows your instructions.Overall, We want to thank everyone in New Horizon VidyaMandir School who made our initial school experience smooth and seamless and providing us all the support which gave a strong foundation and confidence to manage Dhimant’s academics and health together.Thanks a ton to Principal Usha Ma’am.Special Thanks to all Dhimant’s teachers – SupriyaMa’m, SukanyaMa’m, Rani Ma’m, RachanaMa’m and Babitha Ma’am. Many thanks to all helper aunties and security guards.

    Dhimant’s Parents
    UKG C
    We take this opportunity to write on the journey of my daughter in New Horizon Vidya Mandir for almost 2 years right from LKG. My daughter has truly blossomed over the past two years academically and socially. The learning was not bound to the classroom makes us very happy which was very helpful for my daughter to relate things in her surroundings and she started enjoying it. She is always eager to go to school and has a wonderful relationship with her teachers. The Principal and teachers make themselves very accessible and very supportive. We have recommended this school to friends and continue to be very happy to have our daughter attend school here. We would like to thank NHVM Principal, teachers and entire staff for their wonderful support.

    Rashi Shripad’s Parents
    UKG J
    Jai has been with NHVM for 3 years, and he loves school very much. The all around care and atmosphere of trust has made Jai a very confident kid. Great teachers are the pillars of a school. And the quality of teachers is reflected in every interaction. They tell you in detail how the kid is performing and which are the areas that need help (if any). NHVM has a great balance of extra curricular activities, field visit, sport and school events, in which every one participates (including parents) which is great fun. Jai enjoys all the activities in the school, and feels bored on weekends (misses his class and friends). The teachers are super helpful and have great communication. I have seen how nicely Jai grasped the vocabulary, concepts and teamwork. The values that kids have learnt in school with Shlokas/Bhajans/Stories is commendable and highly appreciated. Thank you so much to the teachers and the entire administration for a great learning environment.

    Jai’s Parents
    It just seems yesterday when we were looking for a school for our son, and now without a second thought we are very glad that we opted for New Horizon Vidya Mandir. We would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to Principal Ma’am for providing us the most memorable and enriching three years of our life. Pre-school sets foundation for kids for the next steps of their education. NHVM’s unique approach of combining different teaching methodologies – Play way and Montessori with role-plays, field trips etc. has helped our kid in developing new concepts in a fun way. NHVM also pays equal attention to extra-curricular activities be it sports, music, imparting values through Value Education. That’s why our son is always excited to go to school and it’s not strange that during this lockdown he insisted in going back to NHVM. Not all these were possible without the attention to detail from the loving and caring teachers and staff members. We would like to thank his teacher’s Sharmila Ma’am, Supriya Ma’am, Harsha Ma’am at UKG making his final year at NHVM the remarkable one. Their continuous mentoring not only helped in bringing out the best of our kid’s out but also to us as a parent. We cherish all the remarkable moments be it the Sports Day, Annual Day or the Carnival fest and wish we could stop the time just as it. However E.A. Bucchianeri, has rightly said “The most beautiful moments always seemed to accelerate and slip beyond one’s grasp just when you want to hold onto them for as long as possible.”We wish NHVM more successful years ahead and hope they continue building a strong foundation for the little ones to prepare for the future.

    VrishankNath’s Parents
    UKG B
    When Tvisha first stepped into the NHVM campus, she was so excited that she refused to visit any other school. The crafts and drawings by kids hanging around, music and dance rooms, play area, theatre room everything was perfect. And although she was in Vidya Mandir for just a year (UKG) it felt as if she was always in this school. The attitude of her teachers has been overwhelming and the regular feedback have nothing but helped her improve each day. The transport members are also very responsible and patient with kids. We are grateful to them for taking care of our child during commuting hours. The MaRRs activities are an added advantage to better young kids on vocabulary, general knowledge and instil the quench to learn outside the syllabus and help in the overall development of the kids. We as parents are thankful and respect each and every member of the school for contributing towards our child’s education and overall development that has been a strong foundation to her future. Also we are happy to continue to be part of the New Horizon family, as our child would be moving to higher grades at New Horizon Gurukul.”

    Tvisha’s Parents
    “The journey with New Horizon Vidya Mandir is unforgettable right from the day one where it started with a humble welcome by the principal and the staff members. Our son was also pleasantly surprised and felt very comfortable in the new location when he started his first day of the school life. Since then and almost everyday, we kept on hearing his narration of the incidents from the school.Without any doubt, we could understand that he is well connected with the school and had a good network of friends and teachers (whom he still considers as another set of friends).As parents, we also enjoyed the schooling of our kid through various interactions with the teachers and also the other parents – thanks to the PTMs, casual/informal discussions and the parent volunteering events that brought us together. At par with the education standards, also stood the co-curricular activities that were well organized and I would say the boosters for the children’s social growth.It was amazing to see the children performing in the stage or the ground with great discipline, focus, dedication, sportiveness, fun and excellence.Overall, we are greatly satisfied with the institution and our kid’s performance in various aspects.Kudos to the team and wish all the best for bringing up more budding talents and responsible humans.”

    Kavin Sudhakaran’s Parents

    Hari Om!

    We really consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of NHVM as a Pre primary section (UKG-H) for our child Shreyanshu Jena. Our experience with New Horizon Vidya since last 2 years has been very satisfying as the School is very progressive and growing. We are very happy to see my child evolve, grow and blossom into the person he truly is. The way of nurturing the children through performances and different activities has overwhelmed us like the teaching system of The NHVM School where focus is given on less child student teacher ratio. These are not normal circumstances and putting this together in remote scenario could not have been possible by any other school, teachers and children. We couldn’t have asked for a better Teacher, Principal and School during these tough Pandemic times’. We would like to extend my gratitude towards the School and also wish and hope that these extended efforts would continue. The wonderful part is that all the kids irrespective of their Knowledge got equal opportunity to participate in all event and at least do some activities in front of crowd. I think all credit goes to the class teachers , their efforts was highly visible during that time. Special thanks to Bijoya Ma’am for being an excellent coach, guide and mentor for these kids and being so diligent and patient with them throughout the year and helping them articulate their thoughts so gracefully. The kids are truly blessed to have her as the teacher and We hope they take-away a part of the poise and meticulousness you demonstrate. We are very pleased to be a part of NHVM family. We are satisfied with class teachers response and cooperation with the child and as well as the Parents. My child’s learning with fun has made us believe that we have chosen a right place for him. The credit goes to the principal, Class teachers and the school staff. Hope it will remain intact forever.Finally a Big Thanks from the bottom of our heart for teaching Shreyanshu so many things and taking care of him. We were honoured to be a part of this and witness how well our kids are shaping up. Thanks and Regards, Smruti Ranjan & Barsa

    Smruti Ranjan & Barsa
    Parents of Shreyanshu Jena of UKG H